Aftercare | Pure Vision Tattoo

How to care for your tattoo:

1. When you get home take the bandage off your tattoo.

2. Clean your tattoo with warm soapy water thoroughly with your hand.

3. Pat it dry and reapply the Bepanthen cream.

4. Reapply Bepanthen cream three times a day for the next two weeks.

5. The idea is to keep your tattoo slightly moisturised for this period of time.
Your tattoo should not form a scab, nor should it be soggy – maintain a balance so your tattoo can dry and heal while keeping it lightly moisturised.

6. Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo.

7. For the two weeks that your tattoo is healing, don’t go swimming or soak in a bath.

8. Keep it out of direct sunlight.

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