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Female Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

Pure Vision Tattoo is a Melbourne based body art studio that offers stylish designs, well executed tattoos and a positive tattooing experience. With a focus on the needs and desires of our customers, we’re highly experienced in creating tattoos that our clients love. Boasting a team of highly regarded tattooists, including female tattoo artists in Melbourne, we can plan, design and tattoo your ideas into a special and permanent keepsake.

Get Inked by a Talented Female Artist

At Pure Vision Tattoo, our team is versatile and flexible within our talents and the options available for your art. We boast experience from a variety of backgrounds and our portfolio reflects the passion of our craft. We also offer extraordinary body art from female tattoo artists in Melbourne.

Specialising in a wide range of tattoo styles and designs, our female artists are extremely talented and highly regarded for their quality of work and creativity. As tattoos only continue to grow in popularity, our female tattoo artists in Melbourne are constantly coming up with unique styles and fresh ideas.

If you’re looking for something distinctive, memorable and impressive, our female tattoo artists can work with you to help make your dream tattoo a reality. Whether you’re after a Japanese, tradition or portrait tattoo, you can trust our team to deliver a tattoo that you’re sure to love.

Your Vision, Our Artists

With creativity flowing naturally through them, tattooing is the first language and main passion of our female tattoo artists in Melbourne. Through their tattoo machines and their love for body art, they can translate your ideas and desires into an amazing masterpiece. Contact us today to discuss what you’re after and get started on your tattoo journey.

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