How to Find the Best Tattoo Artists in Melbourne
How to Find the Best Tattoo Artists in Melbourne | Pure Vision Tattoo

There are countless tattooists and tattoo parlours scattered across Melbourne. But depending on your specific needs and preferences, there are a number of things you should consider and take into account before making a decision. Some tattooists may be cheaper or more expensive, while others will have different artistic specialities. This blog post contains useful tips and suggestions on how to find the best tattoo places in Melbourne.

Don’t Compromise

If you want a quality tattoo that you’ll cherish for years to come, you should be prepared to spend the money. Don’t compromise by getting tattoo work done at dirt-cheap prices, as this can be indicative of an artist that has insufficient formal training, has access to poor quality equipment, or uses inadequate sterilisation techniques.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

The internet can be an incredibly empowering tool for customers. Simply searching online for Melbourne tattoo shops can give you a good idea of what you can expect from a tattoo artist. By reading reviews and testimonials from past customers, you can narrow down the list of tattoo parlours to a handful of reputable options.

Check Their Portfolio

Not every tattoo parlour can deliver the same outcome. You should check out the portfolio of different tattoo studios in Melbourne to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is especially important if you have a specific design in mind. Several common specialties include portraits, neo traditional, watercolour, geometric and Americana.

Assess the Cleanliness of the Parlour

A tattoo parlor in Melbourne that looks unclean and disorganised should be avoided. You can easily identify problems with cleanliness during a cursory visit to any parlour. Be on the lookout for pre-sterilised needles that are individually packaged, antimicrobial sprays, sterilisation equipment, sharp containers for proper needle disposal, and a lack of clutter and debris.

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