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Portrait Tattoos in Melbourne

Pure Vision Tattoo is a Collingwood based studio tattoo parlour with years of experience in producing quality designs, unique tattoos and impressive body art. With an obvious love for the art and culture, we boast a portfolio of incredible portrait tattoos and happy clients. Whether you’re looking to be tattooed for the first time or want to decorate your body further, our talented artists understand how special every tattoo is – especially when it comes to portrait tattoos in Melbourne.

Detailed Portrait Tattoos in Melbourne

Our Portrait tattoos in Melbourne provide you with the opportunity to design something magical. We put hours of energy and passion into every one of our designs and pride ourselves on executing portraiture style tattoos that meet the desires of our customers. However big or small you want your next piece of artwork to be, the talented tattooists at Pure Vision Tattoo can help bring your dream to life.

When it comes to portrait tattoos in Melbourne, our tattooists can be trusted to plan, design and execute something that’s magical, personal and high in quality. Whether you’re looking to tattoo a family member, a celebrity or your favourite cartoon character, we have the skills and experience necessary to provide a realistic, special and personal tattoo. Entrust Pure Vision Tattoo and get the portrait you’ve always wanted.

Special Portraits & Impressive Detail

Pure Vision Tattoo is the best destination when you want to collaborate with talented artists that truly care about the quality and level of their work. If you’re thinking about getting a portraiture style piece of art, get in touch with us to explore your ideas. We’re excited to be a part of your tattoo journey and can’t wait to create a portrait tattoos in Melbourne that you will love.

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